Our Services

We offer experienced engineers to provide quality services ranging from hydraulic model build, survey planning, data management and performance assessments to develop robust solutions and outcomes to defined project needs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services could be applied to any opportunities you may have.

Hydraulic Modelling

Our main function is hydraulic modelling of urban drainage systems using InfoWorks ICM.

We have completed numerous studies from fully integrated catchment models to small discrete models.

Our flexible approach means we can adapt each project to meet the client’s requirements and budget.

Audit Services

We are approved auditors for numerous Water Companies and take a pragmatic approach when checking work produced by others.
We recognise the model build process is not straight forward and understand that engineering judgement can be applied if properly justified and documented.

Flooding Assessments

We have significant experience and expertise in urban flooding assessments.

One of our key differentiators is our ability to analyse all available data sets to understand mechanisms and risks and advise accordingly.

Design Support Modelling

We are often engaged to check that final designs are suitable and meet the project objectives.

We can also advise on any potential improvements and any maintenance issues.

Drainage Area Planning

We have carried out some significant DAP models for numerous clients.

These have included densely populated urban catchments with complex ancillaries as well as rural catchments with multifarious run-off parameters.

Critical Asset Performance

We have made recommendations for critical assets to improve system performance and reduce maintenance requirements.

In all cases these are sensitive to the site constraints of location and environmental impact.

Data Management & GIS

We deal with large data sets on a daily basis that require extensive interrogation and manipulation to extract relevant trends and information.  This can involve multi-format relationships requiring the production of bespoke analysis techniques and routines.
A key industry skill is dealing with GIS to which we have extensive experience in applications such as MapInfo and QGIS.

Model Maintenance

We have undertaken model maintenance that has typically involved the update of modelling software undertaking assessment of results integrity.
Our key activities require us to assess and update the model to include catchment changes as a result of new development, capital schemes and network changes to provide a model that represents the latest configuration and performance.

Emergency Incident Aid

We have been called in to investigate cases where issues have occurred during rehabilitation works.

We responded quickly to advise on temporary over-pumping and control measures to ensure the level of service targets are maintained.

Survey Planning & Monitoring

Our highly experienced staff will ensure that practical survey proposals are made which not only meet the catchments needs but also take account site constraints and difficulties.

We offer the ability to monitor ongoing surveys and provide advice on data capture quality and progress.

Growth Assessments

We are experienced in assessing the impact of new developments on catchment capacity. Assessments have been completed on an individual and catchment wide basis.

We take a pragmatic approach to proposing mitigation measures and have looked for opportunities to amalgamate with wider business needs.